Neighborhood Spotlight: Santa Monica

If someone closes their eyes and pictures LA, they may find themselves visualizing the Santa Monica Pier. It’s that iconic. For the quintessential West Side lifestyle, look no further than this coastal community. Santa Monica is home to scenic beaches, the famous Third Street Promenade, and a plentitude of dining options—from the perfect brunch spot to the upscale steakhouse. Tourists come from all over the world to see Santa Monica, and some Angelenos are lucky to call it home. Read on for Compass’s guide to Santa Monica.

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Santa Monica:
The coastal city of Santa Monica is a living postcard.

Santa Monica is filled with beautiful people, populated beaches, upscale shopping, and lots of fine dining. Its bustling pier, complete with iconic Ferris wheel and amusement park attractions, paired with clean streets, great weather, outdoor malls, and accessible oceanfront make it a destination known throughout the world.

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What To Expect:
Sunsets on the boardwalk, outdoor dining, and weekend mornings at the beach.

Popularized on the big screen, Santa Monica represents Southern California living around the world and the reality does not disappoint. Oceanside activities, stunning panoramas, candy-hued building abound in this dreamy beach neighborhood.

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The Lifestyle:
Vibrant, cultured, and low-key luxe.

Occupying a pristine stretch of the Pacific, Santa Monica emanates a casual coolness. The boardwalk welcomes joggers, bikers, and bladers, with much of local life revolving around the water. Yogis flock, attracted by some of the city’s best and most plentiful studios.

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Unexpected Appeal:
World-renowned designers and endless retail.

Despite Santa Monica’s laid-back vibe, it takes its shopping seriously. Between the contemporary chains lining the Third Street Promenade and an upscale, open-air mall that houses Barney’s, Tiffany & Co., and Louis Vuitton, there is no shortage of options.

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The Market:
Expansive single-family homes and contemporary apartment complexes.

Santa Monica presents a diverse range of housing style, all centrally located and boasting spectacular ocean access. Its residents occupy single-family homes along quaint, tree-lined streets, modern beachfront houses near the bustling boardwalk, and amenity-rich apartment buildings.

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You’ll Fall In Love With:
Sunshine, ocean breezes, and idyllic views as far as the eye can see.

Los Angeles is generally known for its mild climate, but Santa Monica may well be the jewel in the city’s meteorological crown. It averages 310 days of sunshine per year, with cerulean skies and a pleasant, near-constant ocean breeze. Daytime temperatures are typically in the low 70s and rarely rise above 83 degrees.

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