What’s Happening This Week: August 9, 2021

Los Angeles Greater Area

Tracking down LA’s secret speakeasies

Prohibition created them—hidden bars you needed a whispered code phrase to enter. Even now that booze has been legal for decades, the appeal of these low-profile watering holes lives on. Here are a few of the most atmospheric, including LA’s oldest public house. Tell them Joe sent you.

Concerts inside the Mt. Wilson dome

Seeking an out-of-this-world musical experience? Look no farther than the dome of Mount Wilson Observatory, whose acoustics eclipse many of Europe’s great cathedrals. Be aware that the experience could leave you breathless in more ways than one. The air is thinner a mile high … and access to the performance level is 53 steps up.

Photo: Irina Logra Courtesy of Mt. Wilson

17 crave-worthy salads

Of course the salads here are works of art. We have spectacular produce to work with. From rotisserie chicken on a bed of, well, everything to charred cauliflower salad and shrimp with strawberries (you heard right), these are of dazzling next-level creations. The kind you’ll only find in Southern California.

Papaya salad from Bua Siam | Courtesy of Bua Siam

Fourth Fridays at The Broad

Only two more evenings left in this ultra-popular summer night series, electrified by DJs on the plaza and dancers in the galleries. Performers to watch for include dynamic dance artist Norbert De La Cruz III in August and master percussionist M’Baye Campbell-Kante in September.

Courtesy of The Broad

San Francisco Bay Area

Tempting new eats

From an agave bar in Aquatic Park to pizza on a biscuit crust, these seven new and coming-soon restaurants in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley have earned their place on your must-try list. Daytrip, the wine shop/bakery/”party food” spot set to open in Oakland’s Temescal looks particularly intriguing…

Robot delivery

The future is here, it seems, as a new Bay Area hotel and restaurant delivers its food via robot waiters. The Ameswell in Mountain View pays homage to the nearby historic NASA Ames Research Center by becoming the first U.S. hotel to use Servi, a self-driving, indoor robotic server, at its Roger restaurant.

Courtesy of Douglas Lyle Thompson/The Ameswell Hotel

Princess Diaries revisited

The classic G-rated The Princess Diaries (starring a young Anne Hathaway) was an iconic coming-of-age movie for the Millenial generation when it premiered 20 years ago. It was also set in San Francisco. Two decades on, Hoodline breaks down all the city locales filmed in this beloved blockbuster.

Princess Diaries

Hamilton returns

A ticket to Hamilton was infamously difficult and expensive to land when the Broadway smash hit first debuted in San Francisco several years ago. If you missed it then, now’s your chance as the production returns to the Bay Area for a four-week run at the Orpheum Theater. Head’s up: There are $10 tickets available via lottery, and you must provide proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test to attend.

Hamilton Courtesy of The Orpheum


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