What’s Happening This Week: July 1, 2021

Los Angeles Greater Area

No garden? Book one

Of course you dream of escaping into your serene, beautifully tended backyard Eden. Of course that will never happen. Or … will it? Welcome to Healing Gardens, where you can reserve someone else’s secluded slice of nature for your own charming tea, leaf-shaded workday, or serious “you” time.

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Fireworks shows are back—here’s where

Yes, some annual shows have been cancelled. But many more are back with a bang, complete with parades, live music and other red-white-and-blue festivities. From Long Beach to Lancaster, here’s what communities across the Southland are planning for Independence Day 2021.

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Wacky LA food trends

Maybe it’s because Instagram. Maybe it’s just because. Whatever, LA is the capital of—shall we say—unusual food. Chicken waffle cones. Cheeto pizza. Poke burgers. Phorritos (pho burritos, get it?) Cinnamon roll stuffed doughnuts. Charcoal ice cream. Hey, don’t judge until you taste.

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Hidden gem beaches

Let the tourists flock to the big, famous shores. There are other places even many locals don’t know about. Many people just assume they’re private—but in California, everything below the high tide line is public. So all you have to do is find the access point (after landing a place to park), and you’re in.

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San Francisco Bay Area

Low-care garden hot-spots

Succulents, cacti, and air plants, oh my! They’re the latest craze in home décor across the Bay Area and the best part is they’re drought tolerant for those whose thumbs are less than green. Here are a few of the best spots in San Francisco and the East Bay to find some.

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Sandwich heaven

I mean, who doesn’t like a good sandwich? Long an easy lunch staple in the northeast, the Bay Area has been stepping up its sando game in the last few years. From Breadbelly’s char siu sandwich and Palm City’s garlicky roasted pork with bitter broccoli rabe hoagie out on the Avenues of San Francisco, to an impeccable banh mi at Duc Huong and La Casita Chilanga’s decadent Cuban torta in the South Bay to Domenico’s classic Italian and tongue-numbing Sichuan hot chicken sandwich at OK’s Deli in the East Bay, here are some of the examples to be found according to The Chronicle’s top food critic.

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Dumpling Time in Berkeley

Xiao long bao, a.k.a. XLB, a.k.a. Shanghai soup dumplings. Whatever you call them, they are one of the most prized foodie delicacies on the west coast. And one of the best purveyors of these delicious porky, soupy dough-wrapped treasures is on its way to the East Bay. Cult favorite Dumpling Time announced that it was launching a new restaurant on Berkeley’s Fourth Street set to debut in early 2022.

Courtesy of Dumpling Time

A beach for every occasion in Sonoma

Whether you’re surfing, sunbathing, volley-balling, or just spending quality time with the fam, Sonoma County has the beach for you. From family-friendly to secluded to everything in between, here’s a breakdown of the best sandy fun destinations along the expansive and gorgeous North Bay coastline. Don’t forget the sunblock.

Photo by Lachlan Ross from Pexels


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